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  本试卷分为第I卷(选择题)和第II卷(非选择题)两部分, 共150分。考试时间120分钟。


  第一部分 听力(略)

  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分60分)

  第一节 (共15小题,每小题3分,满分45分)


  Tears ran down from my eyes as I saw the essay my high school English teacher had just handed back. A big F was written on top. I was hopeless. I was stupid! My face burned with shame when my classmates called me stupid.

  “I’m the only one who doesn’t know my ABCs!”I sobbed to Mom.

  I’ll help,”she promised.

  Every day I sat with her, but to me, cat looked like cta and red was reb. Frustrated, I would return to my bedroom and draw, filling the paper with houses, restaurants and offices.

  “When I grow up, I want my own store,”I told Mom, pointing to my drawings.

  “That’s great !”she said,“ but first you have to learn to read.”

  Later, I was diagnosed with dyslexia (失读症). So Mom took me to a learning centre, where I was given reading exercises. But I still had a hard time. Finally, I graduated, but I was afraid of my reading skills.

  “I’ll never get a job!”I cried to Mom later again.

  “Don’t focus on what you can’t do,” she comforted, “Concentrate on what you really can.”

  But what can I do? I wondered. Suddenly, I thought of the drawings I’d made as a child and my dream of h aving my own store. I enjoyed sales so much that over the next few years, I tried my hand at other businesses. Today, I watch over seven branches. We have 187 employees and $15 million in sales.

  While I’ll never be what my teachers might have wanted, I am a success--on my own terms. The other day a student sent me a card, reading: You gave me so much confidence. I hope to be like you when I am big. Tears of joy filled my eyes. This was my A, and I smiled.

  21.Why did the author feel so ashamed at school?

  A.His teacher ignored him in class.

  B.His teacher didn’t grade his essay.

  C.He failed to finish his essay in time.

  D.His classmates looked down upon him.

  22.Which of the following best describes the author’s feeling to his mother?





  23.Which of the following can match the text?

  A.No pains, no gains.

  B.Never too old to learn.

  C.Every man has his value.

  D.Two heads are better than one.


  When other nine-year-old kids were playing games, she was working at a petrol station. When other teens were studying or going out, she fought to find a place to sleep on the street. But she beat these terrible setbacks to win a highly competitive scholarship and gain entry into Harvard University. And her amazing story has inspired a movie, “Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story”.

  Liz Murray, a 22-year-old American girl, has been writing a real-life story of willpower and determination. Liz grew up with two drug-addicted parents. There was never enough food or warm clothes in the house. Liz was the only member of the family who had a job. Her mother had AIDS and died when Liz was just l5 years old. The effect of that loss became a turning point in her life. Connecting the environment in which she had grown up with how her mother had died. She decided to do something about it.

  Liz went back to school. She threw herself into her studies, never telling her teachers that she was homeless. At night, she lived on the streets. “What drove me to live on had something to do with understanding, and by understanding that there was a whole o ther way of being. I had only experienced a small part of the society,” she wrote in her book Breaking Night.

  She admitted that she used envy to drive herself on. She used the benefits that come easily to others, such as a safe living environment, to encourage herself that “next to nothing could hold me down”. She finished high school in just two years and won a full scholarship to study at Harvard University. But Liz decided to leave her top university a couple of months earlier this year in order to take care of her father, who has also developed AIDS. “I love my parents so much. They are drug addicts. But I never forget that they love me all the time. ”

  Liz wants moviegoers to come away with the idea that changing your life is “as simple as making a decision”.

  24.In which order did the following things happen to Liz?

  a. Her mother died of AIDS.

  b. She got admitted into Harvard.

  c. She worked at a petrol station.

  d. The movie about her life was put on.

  e. She had trouble finding a place to sleep.

  A.c, a, e, b, d

  B.a, b, c, e, d

  C.c, d, b, a, e

  D.b, e, a, d, c

  25.What actually made her go towards her goal?

  A.Envy and encouragement.

  B.Willpower and determination.

  C.Decisions and understanding.

  D.Love and respect for her parents.

  26.What does Liz mean by saying “What drove me to live on...I had only experienced a small part of the society”?

  A.She had little experience of social life.

  B.She could hardly understand the society.

  C.She would do something for her own life.

  D.She needed to travel more around the world.

  27.What does the passage mainly tell us?

  A.Why Liz loved her parents so much.

  B.How Liz made efforts to change her life.

  C.What a hard time Liz had in her childhood.

  D.How Liz managed to enter Harvard University.


  A heated debate is currently going on in our town. Should we allow the cinema to be constructed in the Havenswood Shopping Center? There is just one large lot left to build on, and the theater would use up all of that space. Some people are excited at the idea of finally having our own movie theater. Others would rather travel ten miles to the nearest theater to keep our quiet town the way it is. They say it is enough to have Marvin’s Movie Video Rentals. After all, Marvin’s store keeps thousands of the latest videos.

  There are certainly benefits to renting videos. For one thing, you can plan your own schedule when it is convenient for you. You can relax on your sofa, and take a break whenever you need one.You can also talk to others without bothering any strangers seated nearby. In addition, it is a less expensive way to view a movie compared to going to a theater.

  On the other hand, seeing a movie in a theater is an experience all its own. First, you can see the movie on wide screen as the filmmaker intended. To be viewed on a television screen, a film must be changed in some way to make it smaller. One is the “pan-and-scan” method, which involves removing some of the details in the picture. The other way, called “letterboxing”, keeps the image the way it is on the big screen, with one annoying exception; because the big-screen version is wide, the same picture on a television screen must be long and narrow.

  Another problem is sound. The sound from a television cannot compare to the sound system in a theater. Your experience of a movie improves when you can clearly hear all of the sounds. Furthermore, at home, viewing companions often talk during a movie, which makes you miss out on what’s happening in the film.

  Besides, having a movie theater will not mean that you can’t still go to Marvin’s! You will just have a choice that you didn’t have before. Isn’t it time for Havenswood residents to enjoy a little progress?

  28.The underlined word “lot” in Paragraph 1 means “__________”.

  A.a great number

  B.a complete group

  C.an area of land

  D.a result of chance

  29.How does the author mainly state his point?

  A.By using examples.

  B.By making a comparison.

  C.By carrying out a survey

  D.By presenting different people’s view.

  30.Why do some people think it is enough to have Marvin’s Movie Video Rentals?

  A.Marvin’s store stocks lots of recent videos.

  B.It’ very convenient to go to Marvin’s store.

  C.the owner of the store is friendly and helpful.

  D.It is more comfortable to see films at home than in the theater.

  31.What is the author’s attitude towards building a new cinema?

  A.Cautious. B.Approving. C.Doubtful. D.Worried.


  Staying positive through the cold season could be your best defense against getting ill, a new American study suggests.

  In an experiment that exposed healthy volunteers to a cold or flu virus, researchers found that people with a generally sunny character were less likely to fall ill. The findings, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, build on evidence that a “positive emotional style” can help ward off the common cold and other illness.

  Researchers believe the reasons may be both objective―as in happiness improving immune function(免疫功能)―and subjective―as in happy people being less troubled by a sore throat or runny nose.“People with a positive emotional style may have different immune responses to the virus,” explained leading study author Dr Sheldon Cohen of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.“And when they do get a cold, they may interpret their illness as being less severe.”

  Cohen and his colleagues have found in a previous study that happier people seemed less likely to catch a cold, but some questions remained as to whether the emotional quality itself had the effect.

  For the new study, the researchers had 193 healthy adults complete standard measures of personality qualities, physical health, and emotional “style”. Those who tended to be happy, energetic and easy-going were judged as having a positive emotional style, while those who were often unhappy, tense, and hostile had a negative style.

  Afterwards, the researchers gave them nose drops containing either a cold virus or a particular flu virus. Over the next six days, the volunteers reported on any aches, pains, sneezing they had, while the researchers collected objective data. Cohen and his colleagues found that happy people were less likely to develop a cold.

  What’s more, when happy folks did develop a cold, their symptoms were less severe than expected based on objective measures. On the contrary, people with negative characters were not at increased risk of developing a cold based on objective measures, though they did tend to get down about their symptoms.

  “We find that it’s really positive emotions that have the big effect,” Cohen said,“not the negative ones.”

  So can a bad-tempered person fight a cold by deciding to be happy?

  32.The purpose of Cohen’s new study was to _____.

  A.find effective ways to fight illnesses

  B.test people’s different immune responses to cold virus

  C.tell differences between happy people and unhappy people

  D.examine whether health was related to emotional styles

  33.The underlined phrase “ward-off” in Paragraph 2 can be replaced by “_____”.

  A.get close to B.keep away from

  C.get used to D.go on with

  34.How did Cohen reach his conclusion?

  A.By comparing the experimental results of different groups.

  B.By asking the volunteers to complete a form.

  C.By collecting data among people with a cold.

  D.By observing the volunteers’ symptoms.

  35.Cohen’s new study showed that _____.

  A.an emotional style is difficult to change

  B.happy people are immune to cold virus

  C.people attitudes towards illnesses are different

  D.happiness itself helps protect people from cold



  We all have our favourite teachers—those who treat us equally. But what about those teachers we don't know as well ( or even don't like much)?

  You can do lots of things to get a relation with your teacher. First do the following:____36____.Complete all homework on time. Be attentive, be respectful, and ask questions.___37_____.Obviously,your teachers are really in terested in their subjects or they wouldn't have decided to teach them! Show the teacher that you care, even if you're not good at math or fluent in French—send the message that you are a dedicated(专注的) student.

  You can also schedule a private meeting during a teacher's free period.___38___.You can ask questions, inquire about a career in the subject, or talk about your progress in class. You may be surprised to learn that your teacher is a bit more relaxed than when lecturing in front of the whole class.

  However, here are some things to avoid when trying to establish a relationship with your teacher:

  1.____39____. Teachers sense when your only motivation is to get special treatment, a college reference, or a job suggestion.

  2. Trying to be teachers' pet. You just attract the teachers' attention on purpose and your classmates may start to hate you.

  3.____40____.It's OK to offer a small sign of thanks to teachers if they've been helpful to you. But a teacher is usually not allowed to accept the wrong message, and a teacher is usually not allowed to accept anything expensive.

  A.Giving expensive gifts.

  B.Show up for class on time.

  C.Not being sincere.

  D.Find the practical value in classes.

  E.Use this time to get extra help.

  F.Show an interest in the subject.

  G.Get along better with your teachers.

  第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分55分)

  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题2分, 满分40分)

  阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C和D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑

  It has always been my dream to attend college. When I was young, I would watch TV shows with college students having lots of 41 . It looked like a great experience-going to parties, 42 with friends and letting the good times 43 . When I entered high school, however, I started learning the real 44 of college-to get a good education and a well-paid job. T herefore, with a passion for success in life, I expressed my 45 about attending university to my parents. They were 46 I’d chosen the path, but were disappointed because they couldn’t 47 the cost. Upset and stressed, I started looking for 48 to pay myself.

  My search for money began online. I went to every free scholarship search engine and spent up to five hours each day looking for scholarships I was 49 for. It was hard, but I knew it would 50 .When I’d found almost all the scholarships I could apply for, I 51 them by deadline, which gave me a way to prioritize(区分优先顺序) my schedule. After 52 everything, it was time to fill out the applications. Despite the amounts, ranging from$100 to $40,000, I took each scholarship 53 because together they would fund my goal. With this in my mind, the hardest part began: writing the essays. To 54 my writing, I asked friends, relatives and teachers to 55 over my work. Now I’ve won 56 scholarships and can attend college for free.

  The scholarship search truly made me a 57 person. I learned the importance of setting a(n) 58 and accomplishing it. 59 I did have to read several rejection letters, those made me stronger. I’m thrilled I had the opportunity to learn more about my 60 to succeed no matter what difficulties got in my way.

  41.A.fun B.energy C.fancy D.interest

  42.A.dropping out B.holding out C.hanging out D.sticking out

  43.A.stop B.last C.prevent D.burst

  44.A.status B.origin C.power D.value

  45.A.doubts B.worry C.thoughts D.disappointment

  46.A.confused B.astonished C.delighted D.terrified

  47.A.bear B.consume C.cover D.afford

  48.A.keys B.ways C.fellows D.approaches

  49.A.accounted B.qualified C.allowed D.prepared

  50.A.pay off B.take off C.fall off D.put off

  51.A. selected B.sorted C.saved D.shared

  52.A.realizing B.describing C.organizing D.absorbing

  53.A.easily B.effectively C.slightly D.seriously

  54.A.exchange B.convey C.perfect D.translate

  55.A.get B.take C.turn D.read

  56.A.few B.extra C.enough D.complete

  57.A.better B.calmer C.luckier D.wealthier

  58.A.goal B.example C.standard D.task

  59.A.Because B.While C.Since D.When

  60.A.wish B.anxiety C.curiosity D.freedom

  第Ⅱ卷 (共50分)

  第二节 语法填空(共10小题,每小题1.5分,满分15分)


  If we look at successful people, we can always see that they are usually not those ___61____ never faced failure at all in their life. In fact, some of the most successful people in this world we have heard of ___62_____(start) out poorly, and ____63______ (actual) they have failed many times.

  There are so many other great ____64____ (fail) that famous people met with. For example, the most famous basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan was just____65_____ordinary person before he joined the NBA and he was even cut out from his school basketball team ____66______they said he was “lack of skill”. The greatest inventor in history, Albert Eins tein was thought as mentally retarded (智力迟钝的) when he was young. He didn’t speak until he turned 4 and didn’t read until he was 7. His grades were so poor in school ____67_____his teac her finally asked him ___68_____(quit) his school.

  Successful people do not complain ____69____the adversity (逆境). Instead, they accept the adversity as part of life and never put blame onto ____70_____(other).

  第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)





  注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

  2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

  Social work is the new career in China. It involves improving society, solve problems between people and helping people improve their lives. One thing that social workers do is to work with family members do not get on well with each others. In the past, there are not many social workers in China. However, the fast-economic grow in China has caused society to change quickly, and China needs more social workers to help people deal with these change. In response to this situation, many Chinese universities are introducing courses about social work. Social work is a very interested and necessary career. Whether you enjoy helping people, and this can be the career for you.

  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)











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