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  第一部分 单项选择(共20题;每小题1分,满分20分)


  1. We’re trying to ______ a few hundred dollars every month for our vacation.

  A. put off B. put aside C. put out D. put down

  2. The police have collected some information ______ the murder.

  A. connected to B. connected with C. connecting with D. was connected with

  3. Help others whenever you can _____ you will make the world a nicer place to live in.

  A. and B. or C. unless D. but

  4. It is a rule that the students are banned ______ computer games in our school.

  A. to play B. from playing C. of playing D. on playing

  5. Although she is only 16 years old, she ______ to drugs for two years.

  A. addicts B. had been addicted C. has addicted D. has been addicted

  6. The drug did not ______ his health; in fact it seemed to have no ______ at all.

  A. effect; effect B. effect; affect C. affect; effect D. affect; affect

  7. The house, which _____ last night, ____ my aunt but she doesn’t live there any more.

  A. was broken into; is belonged to B. broke into; is belonged to

  C. broke into; belonging to D. was broken into; belongs to

  8. After a successful operation, Jim is beginning to___ and will soon come back to school.

  A.pick up B. wake up C. grow up D. show up

  9. ______ David says sounds right to Helen. That’s why she has made up her mind to leave with him ______ happens.

  A. Whatever; no matter what B. No matter what; whatever

  C. No matter what; no matter what D. Whatever; however

  10.By the time the tours ends, the football team ______ twenty matches in five countries.

  A. will play B. will have played C. will be playing D. will have been playing

  11.The girl, ______ behind me, ______ in thought.

  A. seating; was lost B. seating; was losing C. seated; was lost D. seated; lost

  12.______ is well known to us all is ______ Jeremy Shu-How Lin has become one of the most popular NBA players.

  A. It; that B. As; that C. What; what D. What; that

  13.Was it from the lake ______ he often went fishing ______ he saved the drowning girl?

  A. that; that B. where; where C. where; that D. that; where

  14.Known ______ a writer, Jin Yong, whose real name is Zha Liangyong, is well-known ______ Chinese people ______ his wonderful works.

  A.as; for; to B.for; to; as C. as; to; for D. to; as; for

  15.The news that the woman was still ______five days after the earthquake was broadcast ______ on TV worldwide.

  A. alive; alive B. living; alive C. alive; live D. lively; live

  16.The person, _____ to be the best composer, is considering ______ another new music.

  A. considered; to create B. considering; creating

  C. considering; to create D. considered; creating

  17.I had just got up and was about to cook my breakfast______ the telephone rang loudly, but it hung up ______ I could answer it.

  A. while; when B. when; as C. as; after D. when; before

  18.She was scolded because it was the third time that she ______ late to work.

  A. came B. had come C. was coming D. has come

  19.______, the boys were shouting and singing.

  A. Happy and excited B. Happily and excited

  C. Happily and excitedly D. Happy and excitedly

  20.It’s high time that we ______ action to stop selling polluted vegetables.

  A. must take B. take C. took D. will take






  You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way. The popular saying has inspired many people to read or go sightseeing. Traveling, just like reading, is a refreshing journey from the busy world. Books, brain food, can keep you company on your travel.

  1. On the Road, 1957, by Jack Kerouac

  The book is a globally popular spiritual guide book about youth. The main character in the book drives across the US continent with several young people and finally reaches Mexico. After the exhausting and exciting trip, the characters in the book begin to realize the meaning of life. The book can be a good partner with you to explore the United States.

  2. Life is Elsewhere, 1975, by Milan Kundera

  Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” The book tells a young artist’s romantic but miserable life, about how he reads, dreams and has a relationship. Experience the artist’s passionate life in the book during a trip to Central Europe. The book invites you to deeply reflect on your current life.

  3. The Stories of the Sahara,1967, by Sanmao

  The book narrates the author’s simple but adventurous life in the Sahara Desert,

  which seems a desolate and dull place. The fancy natural scenery and life there, along with the author’s romantic and intensive emotions will inspire you to explore the mysterious land. Reading the book is like participating in a dialogue with the author, who is sincere and humorous.

  4. Lotus,2006, by Annbaby

  This novel set in Tibet, tells three people’s stories, each with their unique characteristics. It reveals modern people’s emotions and inner life, their confusion about love, and exploration of Buddhism. The book is a good partner to bring you to the scared land Tibet.

  21. Which book is about the exploration of life value through a journey?

  A. On the Road B.Life is Elsewhere C.Lotus D.The Stories of the Sahara

  22. Whose book is suitable to accompany your trip to Germany?

  A. Milan Kundera’s B.Sanmao’s C.Annbaby’s D.Jack Kerouac’s

  23. What can we learn from the text?

  A.The Stories of the Sahara records the dialogues between the author and her readers.

  B. Life is Elsewhere promotes readers’ consideration of their present lives.

  C. Lotus is a religious book which explores Buddhist culture in Tibet.

  D. On the Road is intended to advise a classic route for driving across the US.

  24. What is the author’s purpose in writing the text?

  A. To advertise four travel guidebooks

  B. To introduce four novels about traveling

  C. To recommend four books linked to destinations

  D. To arouse readers’ interest in reading books.


  After shopping for deals in stores on “Black Friday”, or online on “Cyber Monday”, Americans and people worldwide are preparing for newly popular “Giving Tuesday”. Starting in 2012, now the global event that is celebrated annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is the brainchild of 92nd Street Y, a cultural center in New York City and the United Nations Foundation.

  As the name indicates, Giving Tuesday is meant to restart the charitable season and therefore is observed by raising funds for local non-profit organizations and schools, organizing food and clothing drives, and conducting random acts of kindness. In 2015, 700, 000 people from 71 countries came together to donate $116.7 million in cash. An additional $1.08 million was spent on gifts.

  While the easiest way to participate is by donating to your favorite charity, this day can be celebrated in many other ways too. You can give back by volunteering at your local shelter or food bank, or even by donating blood. If all else fails, a purchase from the growing number of organizations that give a portion of their sales to charity will do the trick.

  But perhaps the best way to celebrate the day is those nearest and dearest to you. Assist a family member with a simple chore like folding laundry, cooking dinner, or even reading to a younger sibling. No matter what you do, be sure to share your good deeds on social media and inspire others to celebrate Giving Tuesday as well!

  25.Which of the following has the shortest history?

  A. Cyber Monday B. Thanksgiving Day C. Black Friday D. Giving Tuesday

  26.What’s the main purpose of “Giving Tuesday”?

  A.To persuade more people to shop online

  B.To encourage more people to do charities

  C.To make Thanksgiving Day enjoyable

  D.To get voluntary work better known

  27.Why does the author advise sharing good deeds on social media?

  A.To make Giving Tuesday more popular B.To keep a record of one’s experience

  C. To donate money to local schools D. To help people make new friends


  When I was a boy there were no smart phones, and our television only got one channel clearly. Still, I never felt bored. The fields, hills and woodlands around my home were the perfect playground whose adventures were only limited by my imagination. I can remember once hiking to nearby lake and walking slowly around it. At the back of it I was amazed to find an old dirt road that I had never seen before. It was full of muddy tyre tracks and deep woods bordered it on both sides, but exploring it still seemed like a fine adventure.

  I walked on and on for what seemed like hours. I was sure my guardian angel was whispering in my ears “turn around and head back home”, but I was stubborn and walked on. There was still neither a car nor a house in sight. I noticed that the sun was starting to go down and I grew scared. I didn’t want to end up being trapped on this road, and I was worried that it would be dark before I could make my way back to the lake again.

  I continued to walk on with something growing inside of me. My heart was pounding and my legs were aching. I was almost in tears when I saw something in the distance. It was a house that I recognized. I jumped up and down and laughed out loud. It was still over a mile away, but my legs felt like feathers and I hurried back to my house in no time. I walked in with a big smile on my face just in time for dinner. Then I ended my adventure with a good night’s sleep.

  I often thought of that experience recently. Actually, in our life, all roads, no matter how they twist and turn, can lead us home again. They can lead us to our homes here on the earth. They can lead us to our homes in our hearts. May you always walk your path with love! May you always help your fellow travelers along the way! And may your roads always lead you home again!

  28.Why did the author hardly feel bored when he was young?

  A.He could have fun in nature. B.He had many friends to play with.

  C.He could watch TV all day. D.He used to explore the old dirt road

  29.What does the underlined word “something” in Paragraph 3 probably refer to?

  A.Hope. B.Courage. C.Doubt. D.Fear.

  30.How did the author feel when he was exploring the dirt road?

  A.He was worried to be trapped in the woods

  B.He was unconscious of danger ahead.

  C.He was contradictory in mind.

  D.He was afraid of being scolded by his parents.

  31.What may be the best title for the passage?

  A.Be Determined in Your Life. B.All Roads Lead Home.

  C.Every Effort Is Worthwhile. D.Be Brave to Adventure


  Bats are the only mammals that can fly a great distance, but they have another ability. Many bats live a very long time for an animal of their size. European researchers are studying bats to understand why they live so long. They hope to make discoveries aimed at fighting the aging process in human beings.

  Last week, the group of scientists said they had discovered important biological qualities in some bat species.The group studied bat chromosomes(染色体). The scientists were most interested in structures connected to the ends of the chromosomes. They are called telomeres(端粒),which shorten each time a cell divides. Scientists believe this shortening process causes cells to break down. They say this is what causes aging.

  The European researchers studied 493 bats from four bat species. The group used information that had been gathered over more than 60 years. Of these animals, the greater mouse-eared bat generally lived an average of 37 years.The scientists said it had telomeres that did not shorten with age. Another Myotis bat holds the record for oldest age, reaching 41 years.The scientists’ findings suggest that these bats’ cells have the ability to maintain and repair their telomeres. This, they said, helps guard against the aging process.

  Based on its body size, a bat like the greater mouse-eared bat would be expected to live four years. But, these mammals have been found to live nearly 10 times longer than that. The scientists found that only 19 species of mammals live longer than humans when their body size is considered. Eighteen of these are bats. The only exception is an unusual African rat.

  32. What decides bats’ aging process according to the text? .

  A. The body size of the bat B. The type of chromosomes

  C. The building of cell D. The length of telomeres

  33. How long does a greater mouse-eared bat generally live?

  A. 19 years. B. 41 years. C. 37 years. D. 60 years.

  34. We can learn from the text that _________ .

  A. nineteen kinds of bats could live longer than humans

  B. the scientists have studied bats for more than six decades

  C. the bats studied in the research are of the same species

  D. researchers focus on finding out why humans live long

  35. In which column of a magazine can you read the text?

  A. Science B. Lifestyle C. Fashion D. Business



  Although most parents don't like doing it after a long and exhausting workday, reading bedtime stories does make a positive influence on your child's emotional and mental health. ___36___

  It helps to develop children's imagination.

  Reading bedtime stories can develop your children's ability to form pictures or ideas in their mind. A healthy imagination makes their minds work well and teaches them to think quickly yet effectively. __37___

  It improves children's language.

  Reading also improves your children's language. ___38___They'll most likely use those words in the stories you read right after they hear them. Listening to many stories helps kids to express their opinions better.


  Reading books makes people more learned. When children hear the stories you tell, they learn grammar and vocabulary, for example. It helps them be successful in school as they already know a lot from your stories. What's more, every story has its moral aspect and tells them what's good and what's bad.

  These reasons leave no chances of doubting whether to read bedtime stories to your children or not.___40___They will thank you in future, I promise.

  A. It fosters children's affection for reading.

  B. It makes children knowledgeable.

  C. Take a look at the best benefits of it and you'll never be lazy to do that.

  D. So however tired you are, find time to read bedtime stories to your children.

  E. Bedtime stories create just unforgettable moments.

  F. They remember most words you say and enlarge their vocabulary.

  G.They'll be successful in many aspects thanks to a wonderful imagination.




  I grew up believing Sahara Desert to be a faraway paradise of charm and freedom. For many years I 41 to meet these kind-hearted desert people there, to live in the simple but comfortable 42 , and ride on the tall camels.

  My dream came 43 last Christmas. My trip was filled with truthful human interaction, sincere friendship, and unavoidably, some 44 , which have made the Sahara that once existed in my imagination suddenly 45 .

  Our trip began when our 46 and guide Hamid picked us up at dawn in Marrakesh. Five hours 47 we began our long road trip, we passed through Hamid’s home where we were warmly 48 by Hamid’s mother. She led us into the 49 room and sat us down onto seats. Moments later, a huge bowl of chicken tagine (炖菜) was served, our eyes sparkled (发光). Seeing our 50 a huge smile spread across Hamid’s face.

  After that hearty 51 , Hamid’s family hugged us goodbye at the door. As Hamid’s car 52 , I saw the 53 of his mother and brothers gradually disappearing against the desert. 54 , a bittersweet feeling rose in my heart 55 I was saying goodbye to old friends.

  However, no trip is perfect. Hamid once took us into 56 he called a “Berber Museum”, which has turned out to be a local carpet 57 whose talkative owner almost succeeded in 58 us to buy his carpets.

  At that time I was a bit angry about what was happening. 59 , looking back, I realized that tourism is about 60 the true spirit of a place, along with its happy surprises, and disappointments.

  41. A. forgot B.longed C. agreed D. learned

  42. A. camps B. inns C. flats D. castles

  43. A. along B. right C. around D. true

  44. A. sadness B. disappointments C. enjoyment D. puzzles

  45. A. fresh B. alive C. magic D. real

  46. A. cook B. salesman C. driver D.doctor

  47. A. when B. after C. before D. until

  48. A. thanked B. supported C. greeted D. praised

  49. A. dressing B. smoking C. reading D.dining

  50. A. excitement B. anxiety C.amusement D. caution

  51. A. meal B. welcome C. handshake D. cheers

  52. A.slowed down B. passed by C. drove away D.started on

  53. A. shadows B. statues C. smiles D. figures

  54. A. Eventually B.Strangely C. Urgently D. Deliberately

  55. A. in case B. now that C. even if D. as if

  56. A. which B. what C. where D. that

  57. A. shop B. factory C. market D.company

  58. A. encouraging B. asking C. begging D.persuading

  59. A. Therefore B. Otherwise C. However D. Moreover

  60. A. expressing B experiencing C.expanding D. exposing

  第二节 单句填空 (共10小题:每小题1分,满分10分)

  61. My dream has become a _________ (现实).

  62. Mozart showed an _________ (不寻常的) talent for music from an early age.

  63. It’s hardly _________ (可以相信的) that this house is more than 100 years old.

  64. Chaplin was not just a genius, he was among the most _________ (有影响力的)

  figures in film history.

  65.He was in an _________ (争论) with his landlord downstairs.

  66.Two-thirds of them died or were i during the earthquake.

  67.She came home so thin and weak that even her own children hardly r her.

  68.The medicine was so p that my headache disappeared soon after I took it.

  69.She’s very l to ring me tonight so I will have the mobile phone on.

  70.I’d like to offer my c_________ on your being elected chairman of the meeting.



  Moving to a new school had been tough for Janie, but things were finally turning around. She was making 71 (friend) and she even received an 72 (invite) to Angie's pool party. There was one problem: Janie didn't know how to swim. Janie felt like 73 (admit) this might risk her new friendships. So she decided to go to the party and pretended that she knew how to swim. The first hour of the party went by 74 (smooth). Janie floated on a large raft (皮筏) and talked with 75 other girls. Then the girls started doing dives. Bridget did a jackknife. Angie did a can-opener. Now all eyes were fixed 76 Janie. Bridget started teasing her, “Let’s see 77 you can do, Brainy Janie!” Janie didn’t know how to respond. Then Angie egged her on, “Come on, Janie.” Janie felt that this heavy pressure 78 (build), so she paddled to the edge of the pool and climbed out. How hard could it be? Janie thought. Angie and the other girls were eager 79 (see) what kind of wild jump Janie would attempt. Little 80 they know how wild things were going to get.








  When I was a teenager, I was in an organization where was called the Tides. I, as well as other girls, was used to go camping together once a week and have fun play games. We often set up tents and prepared different kind of dishes. We only slept a few hours because so much girls of my age were in the same tent. We would stay up all night, chatting each other. Once, my birthday fall on one of those camping days. The girls gave her a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. They were so kind that I was deep moved. At the end of the day, I went home late, exhausted, so I had a nice day.

  第二节:书面表达 (满分25分)

  假定你是李华,你校外教Smith 先生准备近期回国, 你班同学准备举行晚会为他送行。请你根据以下提示,用英语写一封e-mail,邀请他参加晚会。内容主要包括:

  1. 对他表示感谢;

  2. 晚会的时间和地点;

  3. 晚会的活动内容。

  要求: 1. 100字左右。

  2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

  3. 可适当增加细节使内容连贯。

  Dear Smith,

  We hear that you’ll return to your motherland soon.





  Looking forward to your reply.


  Li Hua

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