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  1.The team lost the game because of a combination of injury and__________(sick).

  2.The patient was asked to ring the bell in an______________(emergent).

  3.The rich________(be)not always happy.

  4.It may be fairly cheap to buy, but you have to take into_____________(consider)the money you will spend on repair.

  5.When you go out in the hot sun, you should always put cream on your skin to avoid getting_____________(sunburn).

  6.If you suffer from_____________(hungry),there is some cold chicken in the fridge.

  7.The new satellite TV channels offer viewers greater_____________(free)of choice.

  8.Our school has been given some new_____________(equip).

  9.There is a story_____________(circulate)around the office recently that you are about to leave the company.

  10.Children should be taught_____________(举动、表现)well in front of the guests.

  11.Famous people’s privacy should also_____________(respect)by the media.

  12.There must be some other ways to settle this_____________(argue).

  13.After Mr King said his words, he_____________(挣扎)to his feet from the chair.

  14.Your question really made me_____________(confuse).

  15.The African country_____________(出口)many raw materials to some developed countries every year.

  16.His father is a billionaire, so he is w_________.

  17.There are seven c_________in the world and Canada lies in North America.

  18.He has a gift for c_________, so he managed to mix with all kinds of people in his jobs.

  19.As we all know, WTO stands for World Trade O_________.

  20.One of the a_________that Lin Qiaozhi made was that she had made sure that about 50,000 babies were sagely delivered.

  21.She will take into consideration the feelings of her family before making decisions. She is very c_________towards her family.

  22.Don’t walk around without a sunhat when you travel in Sanya, or you will get s_________.

  23.Using too much c_________fertilizer will lead to serious problems. Therefore, organic farming is suggested.

  24.F_________is the mother of success.

  25.The funny performances by Zhao Benshan in the Spring Festival Gala e_________all of us.

  26.I think that young children often_________(鉴赏)modern pictures better than anyone else.

  27.After a wonderful meal, they told stories and sang songs by the_________(篝火,营火)

  28.Jasper White is one of those rare people who believes in_________(古代的,古老的)myths.

  29.When she was_________(逮捕),the detective found out that the shop assistant was her daughter.

  30.She is a strong swimmer and many people feel that she is sure to_________(成功).

  31.When he was alone, he telephoned the hospital_________((电话的)交换台)and asked for doctor Millington.

  32.In _________(绝望),I asked her whether she was enjoying her dinner.

  33.In 1929, three years after his flight over the North Pole,the American_________(探险家),R.E.Byrd,managed to fly over the South Pole for the first time.

  34.A man was lying in the box on top of a pile of_________(羊毛的)goods.

  35.He knew I collected match boxes and asked me whether my_________(收藏品,收集品)was growing.

  36.In Japan,all bridges are____________(strength)to withstand earthquakes.

  37.Smoking is not____________(permission)in this office.

  38.The fall in prices will be____________(benefit)to small business.

  39.I made an____________(apologize)to her for stepping on her foot.

  40.The____________(violent)of the typhoon caused widespread damage.

  41.As parents, they don’t know how to meet children’s____________(curious)when they ask this and that.

  42.He doesn’t believe in the____________(exist)of God.

  43.The students were listening to the teacher with a____________(puzzle)look.

  44.They are both Americans, but they are quite____________(like)each other in behaviors.

  45.He came to me in the____________(believe)that I can help him.

  46.After three hours of waiting for the train, our____________(patient)was finally exhausted.

  47.Do you know the young man____________(lie)on the grass?

  48.She wants to earn a living by herself and be an____________(depend)woman.

  49.This is the____________(origin)painting, and these are copies.

  50.We all know that____________(globe)warming may raise the temperature.

  51.Through great effort, we will____________(实现)our goals finally.

  52.I’d like to____________(确认)our appointment at 3:30 p.m. Friday in your office.

  53.Their attitude towards the problem is____________(稍微地)different from ours.

  54.My grandfather’s collection of paintings is the most____________(impress).

  55.The color black is____________(tradition)associated with mourning.

  56.The patient was kept under____________(observe)all night.

  57.His recent____________(behave)puzzles me.

  58.The survey found that men got greater____________(satisfy)from caring for their families than they did from work.

  59.Helen____________(chat)with most of the guests at the party last night.

  60.Like many____________(discovery),atomic power can be used for good or evil.

  61.The room is____________(equip)with home facilities(家用电器).

  62.She was a quick learner and adapted to the new____________(surround)well.

  63.People are ____________(confuse)about all the different labels on food these days.

  64.Then came the____________(disturb)news that Dally had become seriously ill.



  Suddenly_______ _________ _________that he was trying to ask me to marry him.


  ______ I stopped, it all comes_________ _____, and I remember the chimps in laboratories.


  The Internet has_______ _________ ________for us to get more information in much less time.


  _______ she_________ now________encouragement and respect.


  _______ _________ ________poverty is important to many African countries.


  _______ _________ ________that he is lying.


  Tom_______ _________ ________me your secret, but he meant no harm.


  You said that the plan should be changed, and this is_______ _________ ________


  Nothing can_______ their plan to visit Nankun Mountain_________being carried out.


  The whole town have_______ _________these new facilities.


  We should have a __________ _________ to keep healthy.


  Before she __________ _________ in Vancouver, she had run her own antiques shop in London.


  He __________ _________ __________ when she was young.


  I looked carefully at the text and realized that it __________ _________ __________ women in the countryside.


  More than one house in this village__________ _________in the powerful earthquake last month.


  It has been raining heavily for days,__________ __________ _________for us to finish the task on time.


  The new law does not__________ _________land used for farming.


  It was the first time that he__________ _________ in the exam.


  He __________ _________ __________ _________ the window and let some fresh air in.


  With so many jobs to deal with, the boss seemed to _____ _____ _____ his work.

  21. 我发现这帮人很难对付,我厌恶他们在大庭广众之下喧哗。

  I find _____ hard _____ _____ _____ this pack of people. I hate them speaking loudly in public.


  Every chance must ______ ______ ______ _____ to study English.


  My father always asks me how I’m _____ ______ _____my study.


  Geography _______ an important _______ _____ making dialects.


  He _____ ______ his mistake ______ last Sunday.


  ____ ____ yesterday ____ Tom lost his watch.

  27.我深信你当时是故意捣乱, 目的是引起别人的注意。

  I strongly believe that you were making trouble __________ _________ in order to attract others’ attention.

  1.The only thing we can do is _______ (wait) for the news.

  2.Up to now I _______(read) more than 50 pages of the novel.

  3.When I went over his homework, I found he __________(correct) all the mistakes.

  4.Their house ______(break ) into when they were away on holidays.

  5.The teacher wants the work______(do) at once.

  6.Most of us will attend the sports meeting______(hold) on Friday.

  7.I warned him _______( not, smoke) in public.

  8.There’s no need ________( finish) the homework today.

  9.The last one______( leave) close the door and windows.

  10.A new cinema ______(build) here. They hope to finish it next month.

  11.She said she ______(live) in London for another four years.

  12.Mary spent as much time as she could _____(review) her lessons before the final examination.

  13.The manager ordered the letter ______(type) as quickly as possible.

  14.They ______(visit ) France twice in the past 5 years.

  15.By the time class _____(be) over yesterday, we ______(finish) their work.

  16.That naughty boy was seen ______( play) football this time yesterday.

  17.It’s too late now. We might as well _______(leave) now.

  18.Most neighbours have difficulty _______( tell) the twins apart.

  19.It’s 10 pm. now. It’s time that we ______ (go) to bed.

  20.The teacher as well as the students _____(be) excited at the good news.



  1.sickness 2.emergency 3.are 4.consideration 5.sunburnt 6.hunger

  7.freedom 8.equipments 9.circulating 10.to behave 11.be respected

  12.arguement 13.struggled 14.confused 15.export 16.wealthy

  17.continents 18.communication 19.Organization 20.achievements

  21.considerate 22.sunburnt 23.chemical 24.Failure 25.entertained

  26.appreciate 27.campfire 28.ancient 29.arrested 30.succeed

  31.exchange 32.despair 33.explorer 34.woolen 35.collection

  36.strengthened 37.permitted 38.beneficial 39.apology 40.violence

  41.curiosity 42.existence 43.puzzled 44.unlike 45.belief

  46.patience 47.lying 48.independent 49.original 50.global

  51.achieve 52.confirm 53.slightly 54.impressive 55.traditionally

  56.observation 57.behavior 58.satisfaction 59.chatted 60.discoveries

  61.equipped 62.surroundings 63.confused 64.disturbing


  1.it hit me 2.Once crowding in 3.made it possible 4.What needs are

  5.Getting rid of 6.__It_ __is_ _obvious__ 7.__shouldn’t_ _have__ __told_

  8._where__ _I__ __agree_ 9.__prevent_ _from__ 10.__benefited_ __from_

  11.__balanced_ __diet_ 12.settling down 13.regretted not traveling

  14.was intended/written for 15.was destroyed 16.making it difficult

  17.refer to 18.had failed 19.asked me to open 20.have trouble with sth/in doing sth

  21.it to deal with 22.be made use of 23.getting along/on with 24.plays role in

  25.didn’t realize until 26.It was that 27.on purpose

  1.to wait 2.have read 3.had corrected 4.was broken 5.to be done

  6.(to be)held 7.not to smoke 8.to finish 9.to leave 10.will be built

  11.would live 12.reviewing 13.be typed 14.had visited

  15.was,had finished 16.playing 17.leave 18.telling

  19.should go/went 20.was

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