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  第一部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)




  It’s almost camp season!

  Summer is wonderful. Summer at one of the following awesome camps? Even more wonderful.

  Tahosa High Adventure Base

  Location: Ward, Colorado

  People puzzle: Tahosa’s ropes courses are some of the nation’s best. Use your hands, feet and brains to take up high-flying challenges and overcome your fears. Fly fishing at 9,000 feet? Yes. Fishing licenses or experience needed? No, sir!

  Choose your adventure: Go all-inclusive, where the staff prepares meals and runs the program, or take control and plan your perfect week. The choice is yours.

  Camp Raymond

  Location: Parks, Arizona

  Don’t look down: When looking up at the stars, light pollution is your enemy. But Camp Raymond’s location and elevation (海拔) of 6,700 feet offer perfect conditions for seeing otherwise invisible stars.

  That’s cool: Don’t forget your camera and a jacket. During the day, you could spot bears and deer. At night, temperatures can fall sharply. Hot cocoa at summer camp? Cool.

  Pamlico Sea Base

  Location: Blounts Creek, North Carolina.

  Go coastal: Explore the Carolina coast by boat. You choose the route, and Pamlico provides the equipment. Keep an eye out for wild horses, lighthouses and boatloads of fish.

  Set sail: Even if you don’t know the difference between starboard and star-lord, Pamlico’s sailing journey will make you a first-rate sailor in no time. You’ll even practice finding your way using the stars.

  Base Camp

  Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

  Big upgrade: What happens when you change a 1907 cavalry drill hall (骑兵训练场) into an adventure destination in the heart of the city? You get Base Camp for overnight lock-ins, weekend retreats (隐居处) and summer camp.

  Inside out: Most of Base Camp is indoors, meaning the activities like climbing walls can be undertaken on winter’s coldest days.

  1. What do we know about Tahosa High Adventure Base?

  A. It requires fishing licenses B. It offers lessons on flying a plane

  C. It’s a camp that is intended for brave kids D. It is a camp where you can set your own pace

  2. What can be learned in Pamlico Sea Base?

  A. How to tell starboard from star-lord B How to choose camping equipment

  C. How to use the stars for directions D. How to make a boat on your own

  3 In which camp can kids climb walls inside on winter days?

  A. Base Camp B. Camp Raymond

  C. Pamlico Sea Base D. Tahosa High Adventure Base.


  “You’ll be blind by the time you’re twenty-five,” a doctor at Children’s Hospital predicted. “Your blood sugars are much too high.” It consumed me. No matter where I was or what I was doing, it was overhead like a dark cloud, waiting for just the right opportunity to break open and destroy my world.

  I liked painting. Losing myself in painting filled me with peace. Painting provided me with the only place where I could escape from those threatening words.

  When I was twenty-one, my right eye went blind. Precisely three months after my twenty-fifth birthday, I had a massive hemorrhage (大出血) in my left eye because of an accident. For the next twenty years, vision came and went. I went through many eye operations in an attempt to keep my vision. But after one final operation, I lost the battle and all remaining vision. And I buried all dreams of painting.

  Desperate, I enrolled in (注册) a sixteen-week program for the blind and visually impaired (损伤的). I learned personal adjustment and the use of a computer with adaptive software. A whole new world opened up to me through this program.

  “Jaws and Window-Eyes are leading software for the blind,” my instructor told me. “You can use the Internet, e-mail and Microsoft with all its tools and features.” It’s amazing! Hope went up for the first time in years. “By learning how to use hot keys to control the mouse, you can use Microsoft Access, Excel and Powerpoint,” my instructor added.

  For the next several years, I learned that when one door closes, another door opens. There are plenty of choices available for the blind and visually impaired through the gift of technology. Not only do I have a speaking computer, but I have a speaking watch, alarm clock and calculator.

  4. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 1 refer to?

  A. The right opportunity. B. Losing my sight in the future.

  C. Consuming too much sugar D. The children’s hospital.

  5. What happened when the author was 25 years old?

  A. He gave up painting. B. He went blind completely

  C. He injured one of his eyes. D. He picked up a new hobby

  6. What brought a turning point to the author?

  A. A special course. B. A meaningful event

  C. An inspiring speech. D. An important interview.

  7. What does the author intend to tell us?

  A. No pain, no gain. B. Every man has his price.

  C. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. D. Be optimistic in the face of life’s difficulties.


  These days, I walk down the steps leading toward the south end of the All England Club in Wimbledon, and still look for the Crow’s Nest, a small green observation tower with an outer ladder that I used to climb on for a wide view of the grounds, but which has since been knocked down.

  The Crow’s Nest was a particularly useful point, because it allowed a tennis writer to keep track

  of the action on as many as 10 outside courts at a time. At days end, reporters from different nations would share notes on what they had observed all over the grounds.

  Twenty-seven years later, the press room has touch screens that allow us to watch live videos from any court, and even go back to watch key moments in key matches long after they have finished. You could cover Wimbledon without leaving your seat. But that is a bit like spending all your time ordering room service and looking up fun facts on Wikipedia.

  More than at any other tennis tournament, there is also an appetite for stories that deal with the setting, the history and the traditions.

  If they change the price of the fish tacos (鱼肉卷饼) at the United States Open, it’s not a story. If they change the price of the strawberries and cream, the signature treat at Wimbledon. It’s time to email your editor using capital letters.

  The new retractable (可伸缩的) roof was put in place in 2009. Until then, you always had to have a rainy-day story in your notebook because there were no guarantees any matches would be played. Now tennis is a sure thing on Centre Court, which has made tennis reporters a bit less creative. But at least it guarantees us daily access to the most atmospheric place in the sport.

  So much has changed, but Centre Court remains true to its original spirit: more a theater than a stadium. Catching that feeling is part of covering Wimbledon, too.

  8. What did the author do on the Crow’s Nest in the past?

  A. He made friends with reporters. B. He reported on tennis matches.

  C. He appreciated the beautiful scenery. D. He exchanged experiences with tennis players.

  9. What does the author think of the new way of covering Wimbledon?

  A. It lacks fun. B. It is expensive

  C. It is not convenient. D. It is not quick enough

  10. Why does the author mention strawberries and cream?

  A. To compare popular foods.

  B. To introduce the typical treat at Wimbledon.

  C. To describe people’s craze for traditional dishes.

  D. To show the traditions of Wimbledon are an attraction.

  11. What difference does the new roof make?

  A. Audiences have easier access to a tennis court.

  B. There’s less fun in watching Wimbledon indoors.

  C. Reporters are struggling to find original material.

  D. rainy-day stories about Wimbledon have become history.


  On January 13, 2016, France became the first country in the world to pass a law requiring supermarkets to donate food that is approaching its expiration date (保质期) instead of throwing it away. The regulation that applies to supermarkets over 4,000 square feet requires stores to sign official donation agreements with local food banks.

  The law also makes it illegal for stores to pour water over nearly-expired food, or store it inside locked warehouses until it is picked up by the garbage trucks. These measures are often undertaken by supermarkets to prevent the hungry from searching for food through the dustbins.

  Though that may appear cruel, the stores claim they do it to avoid potential food poisoning that could occur if the product is on its way past its expiry. Those who do not obey the new law face the risk of heavy fines.

  Also, excess goods like yogurt or milk that are likely to go bad quickly are now allowed to be donated directly to the food banks. Though this has always been possible, the current process is long and complex, making it difficult for producers to give away the food in a timely manner.

  France’s food banks are of course thrilled about the possibility of receiving extra food. Jacques Bailet, who heads a network of French food banks called the Banques Alimentaires, says that of the 110,000 tons of goods received annually, only 36,000 tons comes from supermarkets. Bailet estimates (估计) that just a 15% increase in supermarket donations would translate to over 10 million additional meals to feed the hungry each year.

  Though this is a great first step, Arash Dermabarsh, the activist responsible for the grassroots movement that led to the ban, is not done. He now wants to extend the law to other places like restaurants and also try to convince other countries in the European Union to pass similar regulations. These steps are necessary because of the over 9 million tons of food wasted in France; an astonishing 67% is thrown away by consumers, with supermarkets and restaurants making up the rest.

  12. What should stores do with nearly-expired food?

  A. Throw it away. B. Send it to the hungry.

  C. Store it in refrigerators. D. Give it away to food banks.

  13. What does the underlined word “excess” in Paragraph 4 probably mean?

  A. Extra. B. Cheap. C. Seasonal. D. Returned.

  14. What might Bailet agree with about the French food banks?

  A. They have a lot of expired food.

  B. They will get much benefit from the law.

  C. Their food is enough for the people in need.

  D. Their food mainly comes from supermarkets.

  15. What does Dermabarsh plan to do?

  A. Build more food banks in France.

  B. Make the law take effect in more places.

  C. Organize a campaign to promote this law.

  D. Raise consumers awareness of waste reduction.



  We all have to make decisions all the time, and we have an abundance of choices, ranging from tiny issues to vital ones. Unfortunately, people often find it hard to make decisions. 16 If you would like to improve your skill of decision making, here are four suggestions for you.

  Don’t expect to have it all.

  _17 You can’t order every delicious dish on the menu. And there will be paths not taken, careers not chosen, to name a few. You can imagine some “what if” situations if you must, but do not let them take up too much space in your brain.


  It’s often good to think through your decisions. But don’t overdo it. Research can reach a point where returns begin to reduce, which makes it confusing more than clarifying. Many good decisions can be made based as much on intuition (直觉) as on careful assessment of endless data.

  Don’t delay making decisions.

  Yes, there is a time to put off making a decision. Perhaps you need more information. 19

  Or it’s likely that you wait for a less stressful time. Just don’t wait so long that the decision is made by your own indecisiveness.

  Don’t be hard on yourself.

  You decide to go on a voyage. You choose an expensive liner. Everything should work out just right. Only you didn’t expect a bug that ran around on the ship, making you and your family sick for five days. 20 But please remember it is unavoidable sometimes.

  A. Don’t spend too much time thinking.

  B. It is an important source of information.

  C. You may regret making such a stupid decision.

  D. Don’t count on emotion to make decisions.

  E. Maybe you wish to consult with your advisor.

  F. Decisions force us to close the door on other possibilities.

  G. That means the skill of good decision-making counts a lot.

  第二部分: 语言知识运用(共两节, 满分45分)

  第一节:完形填空(共20小题;每小题l.5分, 满分30分)


  Goran Kropp was a Swedish adventurer and mountaineer. In 1972, at the age of six, with his father’s help, he 21 Galdhopiggen, the highest mountain in Northern Europe. twenty-three years later, he stood on the highest peak in the world, Qomolangma. His journey to the 22 shows just how independent, persistent (坚持的), and determined this 23 man is.

  24 most people arrive at the foothills of Qomolangma by some sort of modern 25 , Kropp bicycled 7,000 miles from his home in Sweden. Traveling by bike was not 26 . He stopped many times to 27 his bike because rough roads caused mechanical problems for him. In addition, he was run after by dogs, stung by hornets(马蜂) and was caught in the rain several times before he 28 the base of the mountain.

  Kropp 29 to climb Qomolangma the same way he traveled to the mountain: without the 30 of others and without modern conveniences. Unlike other 31 Kropp climbed the mountain without a guide or helper. He did not 32 bottled oxygen to help him 33 at high altitudes, and he carried all of his 34 himself in a pack that weighed about 140 pounds.

  It took Kropp 35 tries to reach the top of Qomolangma. The first time, he had to 36 only 350 feet from the top because the weather was too dangerous. Just a few days earlier, at that same level eight climbers had 37 because of a sudden snowstorm in the mountain. He felt deep sorrow for them, but became more 38 . The mountaineer waited out the storm, 39 , and tried again a few days later. This time, he was 40 . After he walked down the mountain, he got back on his bike and rode the 7,000 miles back to Sweden.

  21. A. heard of B. dreamed of C. saw D. climbed

  22. A top B. country C. area D. valley

  23. A. outstanding B. generous C. modest D. honest

  24. A. Unless B. Once C. While D. Because

  25. A. design B. vehicle C. theory D. material

  26. A boring B. easy C. tiring D. busy

  27. A. lock B. ride C. repair D. find

  28. A. left B. reached C. discovered D. toured

  29. A. chose B. refused C. agreed D. hated

  30. A. presence B. approval C. assistance D. knowledge

  31. A. observers B. travelers C. mountaineers D. hikers

  32. A. gather B. order C. share D. bring

  33. A. breathe B. walk C. live D. stay

  34. A. medicines B. food C. clothes D. equipment

  35. A. two B. three C. many D. several

  36. A. go on B. get up C. set out D. turn back

  37. A slipped B wandered C. died D. injured

  38. A. astonished B. determined C. satisfied D. discouraged

  39.A. hid B. stopped C. survived D. rested

  40.A thoughtful B. successful C. doubtful D. meaningful



  Red is a particularly popular color in China. A pair of red shoes — 41 they are for sports, dances or just fashion — is a must-have for every Chinese woman’s shoe collection. For most Chinese brides, red shoes should also be worn 42 their big day.

  As women’s feet 43 (connect) with female attraction, red shoes often emphasize this aspect 44 convey a special beauty. In some classic Chinese novels, there are 45 (describe) of charming women in red silk shoes.

  If you wear a dark dress in cold 46 (season), a pair of red shoes can raise your ensemble(整套服装)to a 47 (high) level. They can also go with different levels of red color, 48 (give) the wearer a lively and joyful look.

  49 (sure) red will always be a beloved color for designers, and red shoes have also become a choice for many supermodels. If you are also a fan of this 50 (energy) color, consider wearing a pair of red shoes for every Chinese Lunar New Year!

  第三部分 写作(共两节;满分35分)

  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)





  注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;


  Last weekend, after pay a visit to the city of New York, I visited the Smithsonian Institutions National Air and Space Museum, where lies in Washington, D.C.

  The museum, which covers a area of 18,000 square meters, is made of 24 exhibition halls. All kinds of planes, rockets, missiles and spaceship of great importance and variously old instruments that famous pilots and astronauts used are on display. In addition, I see copies of some satellites and aircraft. More interestingly, I tried operating on some aircraft by myself. During the visit, I took lots of pictures as well.

  This brief visit helped myself learn much about the history of human’s space exploration. It made me more interesting in science and technology.

  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)


  Dear editor,

  I am a senior high school student, and I want to work part-time this summer. I think it is good to do so, but my parents don’t agree with me. I just can’t understand them. I need your advice.






  注意:1. 词数100左右;

  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

  3. 开头已给出,但不计入总词数。

  Dear Lora,

  I have just read your letter in that magazine.

  Anyway, I do wish you a pleasant holiday.


  Li Hua


  1-3 DCA 4-7BCAD 8-11 BADD 12-15DABB 16. GFAEC

  16-20 DAACB 26-30BCBAC 31-35CDADA 36-40DCBDB

  41 whether 42 on 43 are connected 44 and 45 descriptions

  46. seasons 47 higher 48 giving 49 Surely 50 energetic


  Last weekend,after pay(paying)a visit to the city of New York,I visited the Smithsonian Institutions National Air and Space Museum,where(which) lies in Washington,D.C.

  The museum,which covers a (an) area of 18,000 square meters,is made(∧up) of 24 exhibition halls.All kinds of planes, rockets,missiles and spaceship (spaceships)of great importance and variously (various)old instruments that famous pilots and astronauts used are on display.In addition,I see(saw) copies of some satellites and aircraft.More interestingly,I tried operating on(去掉on)some aircraft by myself.During the visit,I took lots of pictures as well.

  This brief visit helped myself(me)learn much about the history of human's space exploration.It made me more interesting( interested)in science and technology.


  Dear Lora,

  I have just read your letter in that magazine. I know that you must be upset because of the present situation. But things are not so bad as you imagine. Just cheer up!

  Your parents won’t allow you to take part-time jobs probably because they consider study as your most important task. After all, the college entrance examination next year is crucial to your future. Moreover, they may think you are too young to work.

  I suggest you have a talk with your parents so that they can be better informed of the benefits of doing part-time jobs. Besides, you can make a detailed plan of your work and study so as to convince them that you are old enough to manage things by yourself. (116)

  Anyway, I do wish you a pleasant holiday.

  Yours ,

  Li Hua

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