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  第3部分 25分钟语言知识运用练






  One day, while we were visiting my parents on a farm in late summer, Dad mentioned he’d always wanted a Crimson King Maple Tree for the yard.Mom agreed that the trees were __1__.

  Like many other parents, mine were hard to __2__ for, so I figured this was a great opportunity to get them something they’d __3__.I also thought two would be even better.I checked the __4__ at work and decided it was a bit more than I could __5__—but all of my siblings(兄弟姐妹) agreed to give some money to buy the trees.

  In northern Ohio,you don’t plant maple trees at Christmas, so we decided to __6__ Mom and Dad with a special Christmas in October before the ground __7__.We asked my aunt if she’d help us with the “__8__”, and she called my parents __9__ to say she was coming for a Sunday visit.Then my sisters and sisters­in­law went into __10__,planning a big holiday turkey dinner.

  On the __11__ Sunday, we all met at my house and __12__ the trees into a truck.I __13__ as Santa Claus.When we arrived at my parents’ house,Dad was __14__ something was wrong first.He and Mom were amazed when we told them __15__ we were there.

  When Christmas __16__,of course, we couldn’t go to our parents’ house empty­handed, so Mom and Dad got __17__ presents that year.Almost half a century later, I __18__ drive by the old farm and smile when I see those big, handsome __19__ and remember giving a special __20__ to special people at Christmas in October.

  1.A.distinctive B.fragrant

  C.expensive  D.pretty

  2.A.shop B.represent

  C.answer D.care

  3.A.deserve B.appreciate

  C.advertise D.imagine

  4.A.result B.number

  C.price D.express

  5.A.afford B.expect

  C.fancy D.handle

  6. A.frighten B.assist

  C.surprise D.reward

  7.A.warmed B.froze

  C.softened D.darkened

  8.A.trick B.purchase

  C.choice D.decoration

  9.A.in advance B.in time

  C.by accident D.on purpose

  10.A.service B.action

  C.effect D.production

  11.A.regular B.separate

  C.given D.chosen

  12.A.sorted B.loaded

  C.transported D.transplanted

  13.A.dressed up B.passed off

  C.looked on D.started out

  14.A.delighted B.annoyed

  C.disappointed D.convinced

  15.A.when B.how

  C.why D.whether

  16.A.came around B.dropped out

  C.turned up D.drew in

  17.A.generous B.additional

  C.double D.special

  18.A.even B.just

  C.once D.still

  19.A.farms B.trees

  C.trucks D.yards

  20.A.congratulation B.gift

  C.donation D.greeting




  Most people agree that the best way 1.____________ (improve) your skills in any endeavor is to practice and practice and then practice some more.This applies 2.____________(equal) to playing sports or becoming a good musician, painter or doctor.Of course, natural talent also plays a part in high 3.____________(achieve), but learning the correct techniques and then practicing them will improve anyone’s performance.

  The same principle 4.____________(apply) to competent readers.There are certain 5.____________(technique) you can learn and then 6.____________ is up to you to practice.The texts you choose to practice with should not be too difficult or you will soon get frustrated and bored.One way to test 7.____________ a text is at the right level or not is to read the first page.If the percentage of new words is 8.____________(high) than 3%, you will not be able to read the text easily and so will probably not enjoy it.

  Reading will also be enjoyable if the subject interests you or you believe it is useful.For example, suppose in biology you were studying how plants reproduce, then you could find an English text about this 9._______ _____ the Internet.That way you would be practicing reading in English as well as 10.____________(study) biology.

  第3部分 25分钟语言知识运用练



  【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文。作者讲述了自己和亲人们一起用特别的方式给其父母带来惊喜的经历。

  1.D 解析:上文提及父亲想要在庭院种植一棵枫树,下文提及“those big, handsome”,故此处应是母亲也欣然同意,认为枫树很漂亮(pretty)。distinctive“与众不同的”;fragrant“芳香的”。

  2.A 解析:根据上文的“Like many other parents,mine were hard to”,下文的“so I figured this was a great opportunity to get them something”以及接下来介绍的作者兄弟姐妹几人为父母买礼物的内容可知,此处指作者觉得给父母买东西是很难的,故选shop“购物”。

  3.B 解析:根据上文的“Dad mentioned he’d always wanted a Crimson King Maple Tree for the yard...”及下文介绍的为父母买礼物的内容可知,此处指作者认为这是一个给父母买他们欣赏的东西的好机会。deserve“值得,应得”;appreciate “感激,欣赏”;advertise “为……做广告”;imagine“想象”。

  4.C 解析:根据下文的“but all of my siblings(兄弟姐妹) agreed to give some money to buy the trees”可知,作者在上班时查看了一下枫树的价格(price),认为它的价格比自己能支付得起(afford)的还要高一点。express“快递”。

  5.A 解析:参见上题解析。

  6.C 解析:从下文作者联合其姑姑来帮忙实施这个计划以及计划具体实施的内容可知,作者他们想给父母一个惊喜(surprise)。assist “帮助,协助”。

  7.B 解析:根据上下文语境及句中的“In northern Ohio, you don’t plant maple trees at Christmas”“a special Christmas in October before the ground”可知,作者他们决定在土地上冻之前让父母度过一个特别的圣诞节。freeze “结冰”符合语境。soften “变软,软化”。

  8.A 解析:根据上下文语境可知,作者询问姑姑是否可以帮忙实施这个“骗局(trick)”。

  9.A 解析:根据上下文语境可知,作者的姑姑提前(in advance)给作者的父母打电话说她会在周日来拜访。in time “及时”;by accident “意外地”; on purpose“故意地”。

  10.B 解析:根据下文的“planning a big holiday turkey dinner”可知,随后,作者的姐妹和嫂子(或弟媳)行动起来。go into action“行动起来”符合语境。go into service “投入使用”;go into effect“生效”;go into production “投产”。

  11.D 解析:根据语境可知,作者和亲人们在选定的(chosen)那个周日聚到自己家里。regular “惯常的,有规律的”。

  12.B 解析:根据下文的“the trees into a truck”可知,作者他们把树装上(loaded)卡车。transport“运输,运送”;transplant “移植”。

  13.A 解析:根据下文的“as Santa Claus”可知,作者把自己装扮(dressed up)成圣诞老人。pass sb./sth.off as“把……冒充为……”;look on sb./sth.as “把……当作……”;start out as“以……开始,起初是……”。

  14.D 解析:根据上下文语境及句中的“something was wrong first”可知,作者的父亲一开始坚信哪里出了问题。convinced “确信,坚信”符合语境。

  15.C 解析:根据语境可知,当我们告诉他们我们为什么(why)会在那里的时候,父母感到很吃惊。

  16.A 解析:根据下文的内容可知,当又到圣诞节时,作者他们去探望父母。come around “再次出现,再度发生”; drop out“退出”;turn up“出现”;draw in“(白天变得)渐短”。

  17.C 解析:根据上文的“In northern Ohio, you don’t plant maple trees at Christmas, so we decided to...with a special Christmas in October”可知,作者他们在十月份的时候已经为父母送上了一份特别的圣诞节礼物,而在真正的圣诞节到来的时候,他们又不能空手去拜访自己的父母,故作者的父母那年是收到了双份的(double)圣诞节礼物。additional“额外的”。

  18.D 解析:根据上下文语境可知,时隔几乎半个世纪之后,当作者看到那些高大、漂亮的枫树(trees)时依然(still)会面带微笑地驶过那个农场。

  19.B 解析:参见上题解析。

  20.B 解析:作者看着那些枫树时,会想起自己多年前在特别的圣诞节送给父母特别的礼物(gift)。上文中的“presents that year”亦是关键提示。donation“捐赠物”;greeting“问候”。


  1.to improve 2.equally 3.achievement(s)

  4.applies 5.techniques 6.it 7.whether

  8.higher 9.on 10.studying

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