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  161、This is the first time that I’ve been to Beijing. I want to be there for a second time.这是我第一次到北京去,我想再去一次。

  162、Jane’s pale face suggested that she was ill, and her parents suggested that she (should) have a medical examination.简苍白的脸表明她生病了,她父母建议她做一下医学检查。

  163、Vanity keeps people in favor of themselves who are out of favor with all others.虚荣使人得宠于己,而失宠于人。

  164、A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.教师的影响是永恒的;他的影响之深远是无法估计的。

  165、So far it has been by far the tallest building in the city.到目前为止它是这座城里最高的建筑物。

  166、Desperate disease require desperate remedies.险病要用猛药医。前者意为“绝望的,极严重的”,后者指“孤注一掷的”。

  167、Some days she is satisfied only by an enormous meal, while other times she is contented with a bowl of cereal.有时候只有大餐才能令她满意,但有时她只要一碗燕麦片就满足了。-content指安于现状的满足。Satisfy指需要得到充分实现的满足。

  168、He has longed for his mother for long.很长时间来他非常思念母亲。

  169、The Customs were searching for drugs when I came through the airport. They searched everybody’s luggage for them, and they searched the man in front of me from head to foot.我经过机场时,海关人员正在搜查毒品。他们检查每个人的行李,把我前面那个人从头到脚搜了一遍。

  170、As far as I know, the railway reaches as far as the next town.就我所知,这条铁路一直延伸到下一个城镇。

  171、What may be done at any time will be done at no time.任何时间都可以做成的工作,往往什么时候都做不成。

  172、The children grew up in beautiful surroundings but not in a happy home environment.孩子们在美丽的环境中长大,但是却缺少一个幸福的家庭环境。

  173、He who died fighting for his country is the most honorable and glorious among the dead.为保卫国家而战死者,是死者中最有名誉,最光荣的。

  174、They looked sadly at the master, because the master himself looked sad.他们难过的看着老师,因为老师自个儿也显得悲伤。

  175、I feel freezing cold in such freezing weather, and I’m half frozen.这如此冷的天气里我感到冷极了,我都快冻僵了。-freezing(cold)“(感到)极冷极冷的”frozen冻僵了。

  176 you shouldn't have scolded the boy at all, he is a child after all;above all, he made only two mistakes in all

  at all根本  after all 毕竟  above all 首先  in all 总共

  177、Tigers of this kind are dying off,and they will die out in time.这种老虎正在一个一个死去,它们迟早会灭绝的。

  178、We believe in communism and we believe that communism is certain to be realized.我们信仰共产主义,而且我们相信共产主义一定会实现的。

  179、Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.有些书浅尝即止,有些书可以囫囵吞枣,少数则需咀嚼消化。

  180、I called him this morning, but he could not come. We’d better go and call

  on him at his office.今天早上打了电话给他,但他不能来。我们最好去他办公室拜访他。

  181、Although he was disabled when he was only ten years of age, yet he aimed high, for which his classmates spoke highly of him.尽管他十岁就有了残疾,但他志向很高,他的同学对他的评价很高。

  182、The wine made in China is made from corn and wheat.这种酒来自中国,是由玉米和大麦酿制的。

  183、Generally speaking, all of us respect our parents, but not all admire them.一般说来,我们都尊敬我们的父母,并非都钦佩他们。

  184、He is known to us as a scientist for his discovery of X-ray.他是作为一名科学家,因为发现X射线而为我们所知的。

  185、The class are doing experiments on heat and light in the laboratory, and this afternoon this class is going to have its picture taken.同学们在实验室做一个关于光和热的试验,今天下午这个班级要让人拍他们的集体照。

  186、This kind of short stories is worth reading, but novels of that kind are not worth reading.这种短篇故事值得一读,但那种的小说不值得一读。

  187、-Does the young man standing there have possession of the company? –No. The company is in the possession of his father.是站在那边的年轻人拥有这家公司吗?不,这家公司为他父亲所拥有。

  188、Don’t make up any excuses for your being late. What you have to do is to make up for the time you have lost.不要为你的迟到找借口,你需要做的是补上失去的时间。

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