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  71、I would like to go out for a walk; I like walking in the rain.我想出去散散步,我喜欢在雨中行走。

  72、A reason explains why you do something. A cause makes something happen. Reason 解释做某事的原因,cause(导致)某事发生。

  73、The wet wood on the fire was on fire an hour ago.一小时前在炉子上的湿木头着火了。

  74、The policeman seized the thief who snatched the girl’s purse.警察抓住了抢那个女孩钱包的小偷。

  75、It would be foolish to let such an opportunity slip, it is the chance of a lifetime.让这样千载难逢的(好)机会溜掉,实在是太愚蠢了。

  76、The enemy soldiers were fleeing in all directions, but few of them could escape.敌兵四处逃窜,但很少能逃出去。

  77、At last we found him in a trap in the forest, still living but not alive.最后我们在森林里的陷阱里找到他的时候,他虽然还活着,但已是奄奄一息。

  78、I often attend meeting and sometimes I take part in its discussion.我经常出席会议,有时参加大会的讨论。

  79、Though we lost the first two games, we managed to win the match at last.尽管我们输了前两场,但最终还是赢得了这场比赛的胜利。

  80、The teacher is preparing the reviewing exercises, and the students are preparing for the final examination.老师正在准备复习用的练习,而学生们正在为期末考试做准备。

  81、Have you read Steinway’s latest novel? It’s much better than his last one. 你读过斯坦威的最新小说吗?比他的上一部小说好多了。

  82、“Is there (any) room for me to sit down here?” “Yes, there’s a place in the corner.” “这里有我坐的地方吗?”“是的,在角上有。”

  83、Yesterday I beat John at chess. He won only one set, while I won two sets.昨天我和约翰下棋,赢了他。他只赢了一盘,而我赢了两盘。

  84、When no more letters came from her, I knew she was no longer in Canada.当她没有信来时,我就知道她不再在加拿大了。

  85、In order to keep the children from swimming in sea, he keeps them staying at home all day.为了不让孩子们去海里游泳,他让他们整天呆在家里。

  86、I threw a stone to Tom and he picked it up and threw it at the dog.我把一块石头扔给汤姆,他拾起那块石头打狗。

  87、Jane’s pale face suggested that she was ill, and her parents suggested that she (should) have a medical examination.简苍白的脸色表明她生病了,她父母建议她做一下医学检查。

  88、Their reform is a decided victory, but whether it is a decisive one only time can tell.他们的改革取得了成功,但是否决定性的胜利只能用时间来回答。

  89、In the corner of the office stands a desk, on the corner of which lies a book.在办公室的角落里有一张桌子,在桌角上放着一本书。

  90、My favorite TV show has a favorable review in the newspaper.我特别喜爱的电视节目得到报纸的好评。

  91、Mr. Black was afraid to climb the tree, for he was afraid of falling down from it.布莱克先生不敢爬树,因为他怕从树上掉下来。 92、The manager was angry at seeing his employee murmuring in the office then warned them not to whisper again.经理看到员工在办公室里窃窃私语非常生气,于是警告他们不要再私下交谈。

  93、Mrs. Smith, you can’t take as much the fruit as freely though they are free today.斯密斯夫人,尽管这些水果今天免费,但也不能不受限制拿那么多。

  94、He took my bag in error, while I took yours by mistake.他不巧错拿了我的包,而我错拿了你的包。

  95、The little girl is fond of ice cream but she doesn’t like ice cream today.这小女孩一向喜爱冰淇淋,但今天却不喜欢。

  96、He got up early so as to catch the train. And in order to rise early, he set the alarm clock the previous night.他起的很早,为的是能赶上那趟火车;而为了能早起,他前天晚上就定了闹钟。

  97、Since I’m not nearly ready, I have almost nothing to say.由于远没有准备好,我几乎没什么可说的。

  98、Joe is a computer fan-he likes surfing the Internet all the time and playing computer games.乔是个电脑迷,他喜欢上网,喜欢玩电脑游戏。

  99、The majority of people are against the plan. I mean, most of the people are against the plan.大多数人都反对这计划。

  100、Compared with your ***, mine is ***.I often compare it to ***.与你的***相比,我的是***。我常把它比作***。

  101、It is better to know one thing than to know about ten thousand things.深入了解一件事情强于对一万件事情一知半解。

  102、She drove direct to school, so that she was not directly affected by the traffic jam.她直接驾车去学校,所以并没有直接受到交通拥挤的影响。

  103、They were divided into 4 groups, though they were not actually separated.他们被分成四个组,尽管(在空间上)并没有分离。

  104、The necklace is worth 1000 dollars at most and 500 dollars at least.这项链至多值1000元,至少500元。

  105、After a few days he came back, but he said he said he would leave again in a few days.几天后他回来了,可他说他将在几天后要再度离开。

  106、He collected waste paper as a means of living, and he liked such a way of living.他以收集废纸为生(活手段),并且喜欢这种生活方式。

  107、We stayed there and begged Mrs. Denver’s to reconsider our suggestion, but her answer remained “no”.我们呆在那乞求丹佛夫人重新考虑我们的建议,但她的回答仍然是“不”。

  108、He is working on a math problem, and I don’t doubt he can work out it.他正忙着一道数学题,我毫不怀疑他肯定能解答出来。

  109、He got up late yesterday and when later he got to school, he found he was half an hour late.他昨天起得晚,之后当他到学校的时候,发现自己迟到了半小时。

  110、The wind arose and raised the fallen leaves from the ground.风来了,刮起地上的落叶。

  111、On Monday morning, we were watching the children raising the national flag, and we saw it rising slowly in the wind.星期一早上,我们在观看孩子们升国旗,我们看到国旗在风中徐徐升起。

  112、After the collision, he examined the considerable damage to his car. Fortunately it was not completely ruined.撞车之后,他检查了受重创的车,所幸的是车还没完全报废。

  113、I asked Lily to fetch me an English book, but she brought me a Chinese book, so I asked her to take it back to the teacher’s office.我让莉莉去给我拿一本英语书,她却拿来了一本汉语书,于是我让她拿回老师办公室。

  114、Why not weigh the baby to find out how much it weighs?怎么不称称看婴儿有多重呢?

  115、They are determined to effect their plan though it has been much affected by the present conditions.他们决心实施他们的计划,虽然目前的条件对此不利。

  116 .the students were much too tired after they finished too much homework

  117、it is the third time that I've been to beijing,Iwant to be there for a fourt time

  the+序数词+time表‘第N次’ A+序数词+time表“又一次”

  118 A number of scientists are present today ,the number of them is 300

  119 all the possible means have been tried , but not a means has worked . means 用作 ‘方式,方法’时单复同形。

  120 *Before he lefthe put on his overcoat that he once wore ten years before.

  *The man wearing a black jacket is dressing the boy.

  put on 表示“动作” wear 表示“状态” dress表示给"人"穿衣服

  121.it's my fault to make such a mistake .

  faul 指过错强调过失应负的责任.mistake 指不正确理解而造成行为或认识上的错误。

  122love sees with its heart and not with its mind

  heart 指情感之心  mind 指理性之心

  123I took part in the meeting at which I joined the League.Then I joined in the disscusion at the meeting which all the League member attended.

  take part in积极参与 attend 参与 join 加入并成为成员join in 加入某个活动

  124 Tom asked me if i agreed to spend a holiday in the south .I said I agreed to the idea.So we agreed on a date for it ,and my wife agreed with what we did.

  agreed to do sth 同意做某事 agreed to sth 接受 agreed on sth 协商一致 agreed with sth 同意赞成

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